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Civil Designer AllyCAD SME

RhinoLands Commercial Upgrade

  • Upgrades requires a previous RhinoLands or Lands Design license. Release promotional offer expires on June 28th.

  • Standalone
    (Rhino 8 included)
  • This option includes upgrading your older Rhino version to Rhino 8, and your Lands Design to version 6. It is for users with a valid license of any older Rhino and Lands Design versions. Elevate both software packages and experience the refreshed cool interface.

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RhinoLands Commercial Upgrade

What’s new in RhinoLands / Lands Design 6

RhinoLands Interface

RhinoLands Standalone Solution

RhinoLands offers a complete standalone solution for landscape design, incorporating Rhino within its framework. With Rhino integrated seamlessly, users benefit from accessing all of Rhino’s functionalities while enjoying a newly simplified and intuitive interface, as elaborated in the following point. 

User-friendly Interface

Experience the upgraded interface of Lands 6. The latest version introduces a redesigned ribbon and a simplified interface, offering an intuitive design experience. Whether you’re new to the program or a long-time user, enjoy a smoother workflow with all tools logically organized and easily accessible in their respective categories.

Option to Operate as a Rhino Plugin

For Rhino users who wish to preserve their familiar Rhino interface, this feature is accessible. Lands Design 6 can function as a plugin within Rhino, seamlessly integrating into the Rhino interface when launching Rhino from its original desktop icon.


Display New Features


Viewport and Detail Display

Experience the versatility of Lands objects with the ability to view designs in both 2D and 3D simultaneously. Now, you can visualize your design in 2D on one viewport and in 3D on another.

Plant Display Options

Customize your plant display with per-viewport settings for both 2D and 3D modes. Enjoy the option to view realistic plants on one viewport and conceptual plants on another simultaneously.

Enhanced Planting Plan Features

New Crown Blocks

Explore our brand-new 2D crown blocks featuring gradient hatches for a visually appealing aesthetic.

Easily Control Crown Hatch Visibility

Toggle crown hatches for the entire document or specific plant species with ease.
Enhance clarity and readability in your planting plan by automatically merging crown boundaries for plants of the same species that are in contact.

Merging Crowns

New automatic merging feature of crown contours by species, designed to simplify and enhance your “Planting Plans,” allowing you to create designs with greater clarity and efficiency.



Numerous improvements have been made to terrain objects and operations, with a key focus on achieving sharp edges following actions such as hole creation or cut and fill. Additional features include:


Creating Terrains from Mesh Objects

Rhino users have widely requested this highly anticipated feature. Now, any mesh you possess can be seamlessly converted into RhinoLands terrain, allowing you to utilize terrain tools effectively.

Introducing Inner Boundaries

With this feature, you can add an inner boundary, functioning akin to a hole, but affecting the entire inner side of the terrain. This provides the option to incorporate a more detailed terrain or add water and other objects within the defined area.

Improved Generation Performance

Terrain operations will now be significantly faster due to the implementation of caching operation results during editing.
Other Terrain New Features are:

  • Improved reliability in earthmoving operations, including 90-degree holes and cut and fills without relying on mesh boolean operations.
  • Option to consolidate large input datasets.

Option to Import 2D Roads

Alongside importing terrain and buildings, you now can import roads using the same tool of Earth data. Simply indicate the location on the map to initiate the process.


New tools

Create Parametric Ramps

The newly introduced ramp is highly intriguing, intelligent, entirely parametric, and incredibly practical.

Its Key Features Include:

  • Composed of one or more flights/landings along a single curve, polyline, or polycurve.
  • Option for masonry or floating ramps.
  • Three methods for setting the flight slope: Height, Percent, and Rise over run.
  • Capability to create automatic landings to connect flights.
  • 2D representation featuring arrows and text for each flight, expressing the slope value as Percent, Angle, or a Rise/Run fraction.

Documentation improvements

New Level Mark Object

The innovative Level Mark object is a smart feature designed to denote the precise elevation relative to the project’s zero elevation at its placement location. Choose from a variety of parametric symbols to represent this information on the plan.

Listing Additional Objects

In advancing our BIM capabilities, we’re now automating the quantification and listing of additional objects. This includes Walls, Paths, and Fences.


Wall Listing

Now, the program compiles a comprehensive list of all walls, categorized by different types and materials specified during the model design phase.

Path Listing

The software now includes quantification of path objects. This means that any type of pathway or object created using the path tool, such as benches, will be automatically quantified and listed for your convenience.

Fence Listing

Fences of all types that are created, modified, and inserted into the model using the Fence tool will be automatically listed and quantified. Insert the list with a single click into your layout.


Pipe network

A novel command has been introduced to automatically generate a pipe network for the chosen sprinklers. This streamlines the process by automatically drawing the optimal pipes, resulting in a more efficient irrigation system.

Plant Database Enhancements

With each new version, the plant database undergoes growth and refinement. This latest iteration introduces 110 additional realistic plant files along with 52 new species, bringing the total count to 8290 species. Moreover, 13 existing realistic plant files have been upgraded with superior versions.
Among other enhancements is a new command enabling the editing of database files beyond the active database. This facilitates the modification of partial database files for sharing or importing purposes.

Rhino 8 Support

The latest version now fully supports Rhino 8, seamlessly integrating with its features and enhancements. Enjoy the synergy between Rhino 8’s new capabilities and the comprehensive tools offered by Lands Design.

See the complete list of all the new commands and features added to RhinoLands / Lands Design 6

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